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My name is Adrian Marceau and I'm an energetic, creative, and dedicated web designer and progammer who specializes in code debugging and optimization, development of content management systems, and accessible user interface design. I'm based in Toronto, Ontario and I occasionally do freelance work from my home office. I am currently employed full-time and not looking for any extra work, but if you have any questions about me or my skills please feel free to send me a message

Included below are samples of several web-related projects that I've been involved with over the years. I feel that these websites best showcase my skills and range of abilities, but if you require more samples please don't hesitate to ask. Additionally, you can download my web developer resume here.




Woody's Vodka Coolers Canada | Home Woody's Vodka Coolers Canada | Contest Entry Woody's Vodka Coolers Canada | Contest Entries Woody's Vodka Coolers Canada | Backend Stats

Woody's Vodka Cooler Canada

HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, XML, MySQL, Facebook, TwitterWoody's Vodka Cooler Canada / Lowell Brown, Insight Design & Communications

Official site of Woody's Vodka Cooler Canada. I was responsible for front-end layout programming, banner logic, social media links, an online photo contest, and various back-end management tools. The contest allowed users to upload, crop, and caption a photo of their choice for contest entry and then view, share, and vote on others. The contest was programmed with Facebook Connect functionality and was accessible via both the main website and an iframe-based Facebook application.

KaBe Art Glass | Home KaBe Art Glass | Products KaBe Art Glass | Product Editor KaBe Art Glass | Gallery
HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, XML, MySQL, PayPal, Wordpress, GoogleKiele Stevens, KaBe Art Glass

Online store and blog for the unique, contemporary, and wearable art glass of Kiele & Barb. I was responsible for the front-end layout programming, product and image galleries, rotating banner logic, Wordpress blog installation and theme, Paypal cart integration, Google Calendar setup, and various back-end content management tools.

Going Social | Home Going Social | About Us Going Social | Get A Quote
HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, Wordpress, Facebook, TwitterLowell Brown, Insight Design & Communications

Company website for Going Social - a social media consultation and management company. I was responsible for front-end layout programming, banner logic, social sharing links, quote form programming, and blog setup.


Art By Kiele | Home Art By Kiele | Gallery Art By Kiele | Gallery Manager
HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, XMLKiele Stevens, KaBe Art Glass

Online portfolio of Kiele Stevens. I was responsible for front-end layout, gallery, and sitemap programming as well as back-end management tools for page content and gallery images.

Oliberté Footwear | Home Oliberté Footwear | Shoes Oliberté Footwear | Shoe Manager Oliberté Footwear | View Cart

Oliberté Footwear

HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, XML, MonerisTal Dehtiar, Oliberté Limited / Lowell Brown, Insight Design & Communications

Online store and blog for Oliberté Footwear. I was responsible for programming the overall front-end logic, rotating banners, shoe listing, cart, and checkout logic as well as integration with Moneris Payment Gateway for taking credit card payments. I was also responsible for programming the invoice manager and email receipts, shoe style/colour manager, and several other back-end tools for maintaining content.

PlutoLighthouse.NET | Home PlutoLighthouse.NET | Scrapbook PlutoLighthouse.NET | Scrapbook Zoom PlutoLighthouse.NET | Page Manager


HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, XML, Wordpress, IllustrationAdrian Marceau, PlutoLighthouse.NET

Online portfolio, scrapbook, and blog of Adrian Marceau. I was responsible for design and programming of this entire website and all content within, including both code and artwork. The website runs on my custom-built content management system allowing for easy updates of page content, gallery images, and various other settings from back-end. The front-end of the website contains a custom-built gallery and themed Wordpress blog.


TorontoBarks.com | Home TorontoBarks.com | Directory TorontoBarks.com | Store TorontoBarks.com | Articles
HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, XML, phpBB, FacebookLowell Brown, Insight Design & Communications

Online store and directory for Toronto dog owners and enthusiasts. I was responsible for programming all front-end layout and functionality including the dog directory, store, article/blog system, banners, registration pages, and back-end management tools. A phpBB forum was integrated into the website and the commenting system and registration pages were given Facebook Connect functionality.