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MegaMan Pointillism Stance

Adrian Marceau - 2002/12/02

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MegaMan Pointillism Stance
Title :MegaMan Pointillism Stance
Artist :Adrian Marceau
Published :December 2nd, 2002
Mediums :Ink PenWatercolour Paint
Tags :mega-manrock
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Description :

This piece of artwork was done as an art project for my Grade 10 class. This is the final part of the project - the Pointillism Study.

The project was fairly simple and only required a few steps. First, we had to find a piece of artwork or a photo that we liked (I chose MegaMan, naturally). Then, to show that we understood the form of the subject, we were to draft a tonal study in pencil with full shading. Once that was done, we'd create the "final" piece using stippling/pointillism.

The actual finished piece was slightly bigger than seen here with more negative white-space around the top, bottom, and sides. The full-sized piece also had a title/banner on top that read "a hero is born" in Japanese Katakana. These parts of the piece had to be removed, however, to fit into my scanner at the time (Although I kind of wish I hadn't done that).

Overall, I think the piece turned out a little sloppy, but still acceptable for a Grade 10 piece. If I were to do it again (and I probably wouldn't), I would use a more controlled hand, finer dots, and much better linework. Oh, and a little more focus. ;)

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