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Adrian Marceau - 2003/02/02

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MS Paint MegaMan
Title :MS Paint MegaMan
Artist :Adrian Marceau
Published :February 2nd, 2003
Mediums :Graphite PencilMicrosoft Paint
Tags :mega-manrock
Description :

In the early days of my artistic career, I drew primarily on paper and when I wanted to draw on the computer I used Microsoft's Paint. The idea of scanning in my penciled artwork directly into the computer hadn't occurred to me, so most of my MS Paint artwork was made using the line-tool. As a result, most of it ended up looking stiff and jagged.

This piece marks the first time I used MS Paint to colour (or "CG") a piece originally drawn in pencil (or any physical medium). The image was drawn on paper, scanned into my computer, and then opened in MS Paint. If I remember the technique correctly I changed the image properties to "Black and White" to heighten the contrast and then reverted back to "Color" right after - allowing me to properly CG it.

This technique was only used by me one more time (on a piece of artwork called "Disco") due to it not looking very professional and taking far too much effort to clean up.

As far as the actual artwork is concerned, it could clearly use some work. In my defense, this was a quick piece used only for testing purposes, but even knowing that it is pretty poorly drawn (and coloured).

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