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Adrian Marceau - 2003/06/20

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Title :Disco
Artist :Adrian Marceau
Published :June 20th, 2003
Mediums :Graphite PencilMicrosoft Paint
Tags :mega-mandisco
Description :

This is another one of the characters I created for my MegaMan RPG that I wanted to make way back in the day.

This one isn't a normal Robot Master, however, but rather the newly created 'sister' to Bass. She was supposedly created by Wily after Bass decided he would no longer take orders and Disco was programmed to be more obedient.

Disco is also a parallel to Roll in the sense that she's the sister to Bass - a robot meant to parallel MegaMan.

The picture itself isn't too well done, it was another pencil-to-MS-Paint picture that didn't turn out very well (I was still learning CGing). But I do kinda like her design and might re-visit it someday...

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