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AgeMan Net-Op Concepts

Adrian Marceau - 2003/06/23

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AgeMan Net-Op Concepts
Title :AgeMan Net-Op Concepts
Artist :Adrian Marceau
Published :June 23rd, 2003
Mediums :Graphite PencilInk PenAdobe Flash
Tags :mega-manadrian-m
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Description :

There was a time when I was very heavily into the MegaMan Battle Network series. During this time I very much enjoyed making myself part of the series - somehow.

I found solace in drawing myself as if I were one of the characters in the Battle Network series - a "Net-Op". One who controls what is called a "Net Navi" (I think mine was StarMan...)

There are a few pencil doodles here that I started with, one semi-CGed piece that I quit when I realized the head was too big, and then one fully CGed piece - a final concept of sorts.

While each of these are just doodles or smaller-works, they were steps in my deciding on a final and show my progress. Mind you, not much progress was achieved, but at least some. I personally think the final one is nice - cute even - but certainly could have been done better. Too stiff.

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