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Adrian Marceau - 2003/06/26

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Title :GravityMan.exe
Artist :Adrian Marceau
Published :June 26th, 2003
Mediums :Adobe Flash
Tags :mega-mangravity-mannet-navi
Description :

After being obsessed with GravityMan.exe in MegaMan Network Transmission, I set out to find official artwork of him. It was very difficult and took a lot of effort, but when I finally did find artwork (from a site called Auto's Robot Center) I found that the artists at Capcom/Ariga only every did concept-art of GravityMan and that art was always flat and not-shaded.

Wanting to make artwork available for GravityMan.exe that looked a little better, I set out to do a light trace-over and edit it. I added more shades, added depth (something that was sorely lacking) and added detail.

So, technically the artwork isn't 100% mine as the base was official, but I feel I added enough to this piece to call it my own.

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