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Starloid : Jupiter.exe

Adrian Marceau - 2003/11/13

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Starloid : Jupiter.exe
Title :Starloid : Jupiter.exe
Artist :Adrian Marceau
Published :November 13th, 2003
Mediums :Coloured PencilInk Pen
Tags :mega-manjupiternet-navi
Description :

Behold, Jupiter.exe! He's the first of the Dark Starloids that I created for my MegaMan Web Comic and Flash Movie and is also the first that would have shown up!

This Starloid piece looks rather plain in terms of pose when compared to my other ones, but I like the design regardless.

As you may have noticed, I borrowed heavily off of ElecMan and the original Jupiter Robot, but that was the point and in the point of the comic where you find out the origins of the Dark Starloids, you would find out why.

I think I also did an acceptable job on the shading too, even though it didn't show up very well in the scan.

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