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Starloid : Saturn.exe II

Adrian Marceau - 2003/11/16

Starloid : Saturn.exe »
Starloid : Saturn.exe II
Title :Starloid : Saturn.exe II
Artist :Adrian Marceau
Published :November 16th, 2003
Mediums :Coloured PencilInk Pen
Tags :mega-mansaturnnet-navi
Description :

This is my creation, Saturn.exe. He is one of the Dark Starloids that I created early in Grade 11 for my MegaMan Web Comic and Flash Movie.

I really do like how this one turned out - it looks pretty cool. While I realize the pencil crayon got a little sloppy on the orbs, it think it does look sort of cool.

A few people on the MegaMan BB told me that his attack looks far too much like an attack called "Dark Matter" from a Final Fantasy game. I've never seen it but I'm assuming they know what they're talking about. Lol.

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