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All Your Secretary Work!

Adrian Marceau - 2004/08/20

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All Your Secretary Work!
Title :All Your Secretary Work!
Artist :Adrian Marceau
Published :August 20th, 2004
Mediums :Microsoft Paint
Tags :adrian-m
Description :

I was a secretary for an Adult Entertainment business for one summer. 0_o Yeah, I know, I'm bad, but it's not like I was actually in the building or anything.

Anyway, when I was supposed to be doing extra work (something you do when you're done all the work you're paid to do) I got bored and decided to doodle in MS Paint. It turned out so well I saved and sent it to myself. Hehe.

After I got home and retrieved my creation, I coloured it in MSPaint. This is the coloured version that came out. Funny how long ago I did this compared to how well it turned out (and how it eventually became the logo/mascot for Version 10)

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