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Age Shinobi

Adrian Marceau - 2004/12/28

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Age Shinobi
Title :Age Shinobi
Artist :Adrian Marceau
Published :December 28th, 2004
Mediums :Adobe FlashJasc Paintshop
Tags :adrian-m
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Description :

This is something that I actually doodled in class one day and decided it was good enough to scan and CG.

Looking back it clearly wasn't very well done or original, and I think was still pretty much in the dark about costume design (not that I'm much better now) - I mean, I doubt a Shinobi/Ninja would even think about wearing clothes with such bright colours, let alone clothes that look so gay. >_<

Anyway, I scanned it in, traced over the lines in FlashMX and then CGed it in Paintshop. The colouring didn't even turn out that well so it wasn't one of my best works. >_<

He would look good in a gay musical though....right?

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