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FIRST Robotics Mascot : Spartek

Adrian Marceau - 2005/01/07

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FIRST Robotics Mascot : Spartek
Title :FIRST Robotics Mascot : Spartek
Artist :Adrian Marceau
Published :January 7th, 2005
Mediums :Graphite PencilAdobe Flash
Tags :spartonicsspartek
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While I was still on the first robotics team, everyone was to try and come up with a logo or such and although some of the ideas were good, no one was really doing anything that was impressive to our mentors. I got bored and decided to go off into the corner and doodle around a bit, trying to draw a Spartan as a robot - seeing as I thought it would be appropriate for FIRST Robotics to have a robot for their mascot and it be Spartan-like because our school's mascot is the Spartan.

So yeah, I finished this up and went to put it away when one of the mentors saw and and commented on how amazing it was. Long story short, it's now not only part of our logo, but also the team's official mascot and painted in the hallways at school and on our shirts! Haha, I'm pretty proud. This is the coloured, Flash version that I did for colour reference as well as the original pencil version side-by-side.

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