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Julie - Come With Me

Adrian Marceau and Julie Keene - 2005/11/15

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Julie - Come With Me
Title :Julie - Come With Me
Artist :Adrian Marceau and Julie Keene
Published :November 15th, 2005
Mediums :Graphite PencilJasc Paintshop
Tags :okaypantsbellojulie-k
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Description :

Although I cannot fully explain the subject matter as it's not mine, I can say that the art was done by Julie Keen of OkayPants.com and I thought the kickassness of such a simple doodle could not go to waste, so I coloured it in Flash and Paintshop (yes she knows). I think it has okay colouring, but I clearly was not able to capture what such an amazing picture COULD have been. If you like this, you should visit her site OkayPants.com!

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