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Atropos Action Pose

Adrian Marceau - 2006/02/21

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Atropos Action Pose
Title :Atropos Action Pose
Artist :Adrian Marceau
Published :February 21st, 2006
Mediums :Graphite PencilInk PenJasc Paintshop
Tags :project-chaosatropos
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Atropos is one of the three Fates in Greek Mythology as well as one of the three Fates in my game. Atropos very much appears as a male, but the true gender is unknown at this point. For now, however, we shall call Atropos a male. Atropos is the Fate of Death - he who cuts the string of life. I like the lineart and the colouring turned out quite well indeed. Not one of my best works, but right up there for sure.

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