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Pretty Soldier Sailor Mercury

Adrian Marceau - 2006/03/12

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Pretty Soldier Sailor Mercury
Title :Pretty Soldier Sailor Mercury
Artist :Adrian Marceau
Published :March 12th, 2006
Mediums :Ink PenPrisma Markers
Tags :sailor-moonami-mizunosailor-mercury
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I have not drawn females in a long time - especially not good ones. So, I decided to draw a female and who better than my love - Sailor Mercury? I know I haven't drawn Sailor Moon in many, many years, so it was bound to have flaws. I dislike how the lineart turned out, and next time I will use far-less lineweight for SailorMoon art. Other than that and the fact that it is not very proportionate, I like the way the fact and pose turned out at least! Go Sailor Mercury!

2007/09/18 : I've updated the image and coloured it using using grey PrismaColour markers. I've also digitally lengthened the legs to make her more anatomically correct.

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