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HallowMan : Powered Up!

Adrian Marceau - 2006/09/15

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HallowMan : Powered Up!
Title :HallowMan : Powered Up!
Artist :Adrian Marceau
Published :September 15th, 2006
Mediums :Adobe Flash
Tags :mega-manhallow-manrobot-master
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Description :

After the success of the first two Powered Up artworks, and the obvious fact that Capcom wasn't going to be making a MegaMan Powered Up 2 regardless of the popularity of it - I decided to make something of my own. A MegaMan Powered Up : Trading Card Game.

Big deal, I know. >_<

I actually put a lot of work into the game, the cards, and the artwork. I even decided to make up some bosses that would be exclusive to the card game and didn't exist in the actual games!

This, Hallow Man, is one of them. Hallow Man isn't a real Robot Master - I just made him for the card game because I needed a Dark Type for series one.

The actual design of Hallow Man leaves something to be desired, and the colouring/linework/pose looks rushed. He's not horrible, but he's certainly not my best work.

But hey, I didn't have anything to go on so I say kudos to me for making a good effort! :D

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