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Raving Rabbid

Adrian Marceau - 2007/11/11

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Raving Rabbid
Title :Raving Rabbid
Artist :Adrian Marceau
Published :November 11th, 2007
Mediums :Ink PenPrisma Markers
Tags :raymanraving-rabbid
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Description :

When I bought my Wii on launch day I was pretty excited. And when I got "Rayman Raving Rabbids" not long after I was even more ecstatic. Not so much for the game (although it was super fun for about a week), but more because I thought the rabbits were the cutest things ever.

This was first attempt at drawing one of the rabbits/rabbids and while fans of the game will probably be able to tell what it is, others may not recognize it immediately.

Do know, however, that this was only the first of a series and they got continuously better as time went on. This may not be my best work, but it certainly was a stepping stone. :D

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