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Adorable Zigzagoon

Adrian Marceau - 2007/11/18

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Adorable Zigzagoon
Title :Adorable Zigzagoon
Artist :Adrian Marceau
Published :November 18th, 2007
Mediums :Coloured PencilInk Pen
Tags :pokemonzigzagoon
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Description :

This would be a picture I did specifically for my boyfriend Deejay. I know he doesn't like Pokemon very much but the one he does like is Zigzagoon so I drew him a cute little one.

Personally, I think this turned out great! It deviates from the official art style a bit by adding more lineweight as well as a certain shading style - but I totally thinks that makes it better. This one turned out great not only for the linework and the colouring/shading, but mostly because he turned out to be SO cute!

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