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Pansage Battle Sprite

Adrian Marceau - 2011/11/22

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Pansage Battle Sprite
Title :Pansage Battle Sprite
Artist :Adrian Marceau
Published :November 22nd, 2011
Mediums :iPad 2Targus Stylus
Tags :pokemonpansage
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Description :

For this piece I imported an image of the Pansage's battle sprite from Pokémon Black and/or White, and then traced over it, gave it a colouring job, and painted on a background. This piece, like the last two iPad-based drawings, its primary purpose was to experiment with the software and refresh my artistic capabilities (I've been out of commission for a while). I really do like how the piece turned out, and I think the character itself is adorable - definitely my favourite of the three elemental monkey Pokémon. :P

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