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Hawkeye Sketch (Coloured)

Adrian Marceau - 2020/07/24

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Hawkeye Sketch (Coloured)
Title :Hawkeye Sketch (Coloured)
Artist :Adrian Marceau
Published :July 24th, 2020
Mediums :Procreate
Tags :cathawkeye
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Description :

I got a new iPad Pro + Pencil today and I wanted to test it out.  This was the first piece of artwork I made with it - a picture of one of my cats (Hawkeye).  This is actually a trace job of an existing photo of him, but it still helped me get used to the tools and familiarize myself with the hardware.  I can't give myself too much credit for the drawing given how it was created, and the colours are not very accurate (he's actually much darker with more pronounced stripes), but I was excited to work other pieces and kind of rushed through the last parts of this picture.  Either way, I still think it's a nice piece and hopefully I'll be able to make one for my other two cats some day (Bebe and Gigi).

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