Game Gallery July 2003 - July 2010

Over the years I've designed and planned a multitude of board games, card games, and video games. Very few of my projects ever leave the planning phase and none are fully finished. Even so, there are a few projects that I feel are worth showing off and I hope you enjoy them.

MegaMan RPG Prototype Mega Man RPG Prototype January 2012 - [ongoing]

Mega Man RPG Prototype is a browser-based role-playing game using the characters from the Mega Man series and mechanics inspired by the Pokémon series. You play as Dr. Light and systematically fight your way through robot enemies in turn-based battles using Mega Man, Roll, and any other robot masters that you unlock and add to your team along the way.  Even though it's labeled as a prototype, this is a fully playable game with plenty to do, find, and unlock.

Pokebox Pokemon Simulator PokéBox Pokémon Simulator March 2018 - November 2021

Add up to 10 different Pokémon to the zone and then watch as they grow, evolve, multiply, and eventually faint leaving their offspring to continue the cycle. The kinds of Pokémon you add to a zone can alter its appeal to other species and can either positively or negatively affect their growth and breeding behaviors over time. This is a simulator and not an actual game, so you're free to play however you want and come up with your own goals. Just relax and let the Pokémon do their thing.

Pokémon Tiles D.I.Y Card Game Pokémon Tiles D.I.Y Card Game June 2010 - July 2010

Pokémon Tiles is a D.I.Y. "Print & Play" card game. You can print out as many or as little of the tiles as you want and play with anywhere from 2-4 people. The game is takes heavy inspiration from dominoes and the classic board game "Scrabble", but I think it has enough of a unique Pokemon spin to keep both fans of the series and newcomers occupied for hours.

MegaMan Powered Up TCG MegaMan Powered Up Trading Card Game May 2006 - August 2006

In May 2006, after the initial buzz of the "MegaMan Powered Up" PSP game died off, the fandom started to calm down and disappear. It was because of this drought that I wanted to remind people how awesome MegaMan was and how cute the Powered Up characters were! I figured I'd try my hand at another card game to reignite interest in the series and I really enjoyed them too. Even though the game was never completed I did end up with some nifty looking trading cards to play with!

MegaMan.EXE Trading Card Game MegaMan.EXE Trading Card Game July 2003 - September 2003

In July of 2003 I decided that I wanted to create a new trading card game for the MegaMan Battle Network series of games. The existing TCG for the series - the "Megaman NT Warrior Trading Card Game" by Decipher - was visually attractive in its design but lacked quit a few of the concepts and ideas that made the Battle Network games fun to play in the first place. I took it upon myself to design and create a TCG more closely tied to the battle-style employed in the games.