DS Daily Doodle Blog January 2008 - February 2008

Nintendo DS

(Updated 2010/11/28 @ 12:00AM : As part of my Version 12 website revisions, I've collapsed the entire Daily Doodle Blog section into one simple page and done away with the lengthy journal entries that doubled as artwork descriptions.  The images are still available for viewing below and I hope you enjoy what came of this project.) (Updated 2008/02/15 @ 5:25PM : This little project was really fun, and I ended up making a lot of really awesome pieces of artwork, but I've decided to stop the Daily Doodle Blog.  As awesome as the Colors! application is, there are frequent glitches in file saving that corrupt shading and prevent me from exporting the images in an acceptable resolution for posting.  I've tried checking for solutions, but development of the application has been moved to the iPhone and the DS version is no longer supported.  Again, this was a very fun project and I may do something like it again in the future, but as of today the Daily Doodle Blog comes to a close.  Thanks for visiting!)

I like drawing, I really do. But it's hard to find time everyday to pull out my sketchbook, pencils, erasers, and find a nice, comfortable place to draw. The only times I ever have free time is when I'm on the subway to work or on my breaks and occasionally after I get home from work. Obviously, my artistic skill started suffering from the lack of practice so I decided to do something about it. What you ask? I've created a daily doodle blog!

How is this supposed to help? Well, for one I'm not using pencils or paper. I'm using my Nintendo DS with a special program called "Colors!" (although my first few doodles use a program called "Phidias") which are homebrew (made by normal people) applications for drawing on the DS's touch-screen! They program is great and it means I can draw whenever and wherever without needed to lug around my sketchbook!

And so, here it is - a new doodle done on my DS as well as a little blog entry to tell you how I'm doing once a day, every weekday! I really hope you enjoy it as much as I have fun doing it! :D

January 2008

Bulbasaur January 1st Bulbasaur
Oddish January 2nd Oddish
Bellsprout January 3rd Bellsprout
City Scape January 4th City Scape
Little Islands January 7th Little Islands
Coral Reef January 8th Coral Reef
Snowman Planet January 9th Snowman Planet
RockMan! January 10th RockMan!
Fish Bubbles January 11th Fish Bubbles
Love is Beautiful January 14th Love is Beautiful
Pi-Pikachu! January 15th Pi-Pikachu!
Ride the Rocket January 16th Ride the Rocket
Wii-mote January 17th Wii-mote
Mario Land January 18th Mario Land
Super Mushroom January 19th Super Mushroom
Glowing Fungi January 22nd Glowing Fungi
Crystal Tavern January 23rd Crystal Tavern
Galaxy Star January 24th Galaxy Star
Kirby the Superstar January 25th Kirby the Superstar
Magic Potion January 28th Magic Potion
Pikmin Planet January 29th Pikmin Planet
Chibi DS January 30th Chibi DS
Sonic BOOM! January 31st Sonic BOOM!

February 2008

Midnight Poe February 1st Midnight Poe
Dreamstar Pikachu February 4th Dreamstar Pikachu
Deku Solitude February 5th Deku Solitude
PK Starstorm!!! February 6th PK Starstorm!!!
Arwing in Orbit February 7th Arwing in Orbit
Yoshi-Heart Hill February 8th Yoshi-Heart Hill
PK Flash!!! February 11th PK Flash!!!