Smash Bros. Brawl Humour January 2008

Super Smash Bros Brawl is one of my most anticipated games for the Nintendo Wii at the time of this writing. It's by far the best looking Wii game to date and I'm extremely excited about all of the characters that are going to appear. In the waiting period (which seems like forever) for it to be released, I decided to register on the Smash World Forums. It's kinda fun there and they had this thread where you'd take screenshots that had been posted on the official Smash Bros. Brawl site, and post them in the thread with a funny caption below.

Now, mind you, these aren't gut-busting, but I felt that they were at least kinda cute so I'm posting them here to make sure they don't get lost in the thread. I made these and while I obviously didn't take the screenshots or make the models of the characters, I did make the quotes up myself and do the work so please don't steal these as your own. Anyway - enjoy!

These are the snapshots I edited during the month of January 2008

I Said No Foam!! Come on, don't be shy... There's a spy among us... Baby got back, yo! I told you already... Alright Squirtle, let's do this! Good, now I want you to stick out your tongue... Alpha!  Rita has escaped! the voices... i hear them... Snak!  I've come to...k... Whoa! Peach finally has her revenge.

Hope you had as much fun reading them as I had making them! :D