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Adrian Marceau - 2006/05/10

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Title :Foo-roo Profile
Artist :Adrian Marceau
Published :May 10th, 2006
Mediums :Adobe FlashAutodesk 3ds Max
Tags :mega-manfoo-rooreaverbot
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Description :

Looking back at the first version of the Zakobon - I wanted to make something better (seeing as the Zakobon looked chunky). What did I do? I went back to make something far simplier in the hope that simpler = easier. While I was only partially correct it did turn out for the better. Not only did the final product turn out amazingly - but I learned a lot of new techniques which I put to use in the final version of the Zakobon. Even this on its own though is amazing to me as it reflects one of my better works that turned out exactly as I wanted it to. What do you think?

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