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Adrian Marceau - 2006/05/11

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Title :Miitan Profile
Artist :Adrian Marceau
Published :May 11th, 2006
Mediums :Adobe FlashAutodesk 3ds Max
Tags :mega-manmiitanreaverbot
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Description :

I totally rushed on this one - and you can tell. This is actually a Reaverbot from any of the games but it doesn't feel like the rest of the Reaverbots as far as the lack-of the famous ReaverEye and the colour-scheme.

The design was cute and while I think I mimicked it pretty well there is a lot of room for improvement. What should also be known is that since I could not find an official name for the little guy. So I had to give it a name and I combined two words from Greek (word for Doll and word for Puppet) to get Kouneta. Fancy? Maybe. Oh well - at least it's blue? Haha.

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