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3D Super Mario Bros 2 Scene

Adrian Marceau - 2006/07/22

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3D Super Mario Bros 2 Scene
Title :3D Super Mario Bros 2 Scene
Artist :Adrian Marceau
Published :July 22nd, 2006
Mediums :Autodesk 3ds Max
Tags :super-mariomariotoad
Description :

I wanted to recreate a Super Mario 2 level (or at least the look of it) in 3D but still retain that 2D feel that the games have (for an example of this check the Super Mario Bros. 2 inspired board on Super Smash Bros. Melee). I use all 3D shapes for the ground and mountains but textured them with sprites from the game. For the other things (like the background trees and the forground trees) including the characters, I just made flat Planes (think pieces of paper) with sprites layed overtop of them as skins. And voila - not much really but I thought it turned out pretty nifty so I added it. :D

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