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MegaMan 9 Doodles

Adrian Marceau - 2003/03/07

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MegaMan 9 Doodles
Title :MegaMan 9 Doodles
Artist :Adrian Marceau
Published :March 7th, 2003
Mediums :Graphite Pencil
Tags :mega-manblossom-manchill-mandash-mandiscofin-manflora-manlunar-manmagma-manorb-manshine-manorbit-man
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The last in the collection of MegaMan 9 / MegaMan RPG characters that I am posting. These are all the doodles and concepts that I cut-out from the pages of my Math Book.  Note that I came up with these years before CAPCOM actually revealed MegaMan 9's developement, so none of these characters appear in the actual game.

90% of these didn't make the cut to even getting a full picture, but some of them I think turned out kinda cute. Some even ended up getting converted into Net Navis in later years.

Oh those were the days.

2010/11/20 : I've updated this collection of sketches with the OrbitMan sketch that originally had it's own page - it was a low quality image anyway and didn't need it's own description. Also, I never did list the name of robots up there so I'm going to now. Ones that have related pieces of artwork are linked, and are listed from the top-left to right; FinMan, Orbman, ShineMan, Disco, ChillMan, FloraMan (x3), Orbman (revision), LunarMan, LavaMan, BlossomMan, OrbitMan, FloraMan (revision), and DashMan.

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