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Adrian Marceau - 2005/08/24

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Title :R-Punk
Artist :Adrian Marceau
Published :August 24th, 2005
Mediums :Graphite Pencil
Tags :mega-manmeijin-sanr-punk
Description :

Looking over all the amazing Cross Fusion Net Navis in the RockMan EXE Stream anime, I decided that it wasn't fair for Mr.Famous to not only not-have his own Netnavi, but that he - the founder of cross fusion - shouldn't be able to cross fuse himself!

So, I drew a picture of him Cross Fusing with Punk (even though in the anime, Punk isn't his). I think the lineart kicks ass, and the concept for the design was pretty nice as well.

Too bad it looks too overly-complicated to be a Cross Fusion design. Oh well.

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