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Adam of The Ark

Adrian Marceau - 2007/11/28

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Adam of The Ark
Title :Adam of The Ark
Artist :Adrian Marceau
Published :November 28th, 2007
Mediums :Graphite Pencil
Tags :the-arkadam
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Description :

Back when I attended the International Academy of Design, our final project was to - as a group - create a text-based game. There were a few requirements for the project and one of which was concept art.

Concept art happened to be my part in the project - others did programming, editing, 3D modeling, etc. The main character in the game was named Adam and he was the last known survivor on this experimental cloning project called "The Ark" (also the title of our game).

I wasn't too interested in the idea because it felt just like EVERY OTHER GAME OUT THERE. Some guy wakes up, he's the last man on earth, he fights a bunch of zombies and finds that there's actually one more survivor - a lady - and they make hot lovin.

The lady, in this case, was to be named Eve (Adam and Eve) and he was supposed to be all macho and manly so this is what I came up with.

Although it's not my best work, it was while I was hitting my peak in human anatomy drawing, so I'm posting it for all to see. :D

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