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Choking Concept Sketch

Adrian Marceau - 2011/01/22

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Choking Concept Sketch
Title :Choking Concept Sketch
Artist :Adrian Marceau
Published :January 22nd, 2011
Mediums :Graphite PencilAdobe Photoshop
Tags :pokemonchoking
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Description :

While talking about Pokémon with my co-workers, Koffing and his evolution Weezing came up in the conversation.  We joked about a theoretical evolution named "Choking" or "Hacking" and - being the fanboy I am - I simply had to draw it.  I decided to go with the name "Choking" instead of "Hacking" as hacking might imply a relation to data or computers and we couldn't have that!

As you can see from the image, there were a lot of revisions in design. I knew that I wanted it to have large hands and a trail of smoke, but it wasn't until the last few doodles that I thought to make it look like a locomotive and from there the design was easy. I know it isn't a terrible original design, but I think it turned out pretty well and would be fun to fight against in-game. :P

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