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Insight Doodles 2010

Adrian Marceau - 2011/11/20

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Insight Doodles 2010
Title :Insight Doodles 2010
Artist :Adrian Marceau
Published :November 20th, 2011
Mediums :Graphite PencilInk Pen
Tags :insight-designpokemonsuper-mariochaosbayonettaminchinojynxcharmanderbudewbulbasaurbagonpikachuzekromreshiramdarmantitandarumakkatympolesnivyoshawotttepiglatioslatiasmunchlaxmanaphyvoltorblaprasspiritombsnubblecleffaigglybuffmarillpidgeypersianbellsproutweepinbellvictreebeltynamobullet-billchain-chomppiranha-flowerfire-chomppara-beetleyoshislugmavileplumemunnakiele-smike-ladrian-m
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During my time with Insight Design, there were many situations where I was overcome with complex problems or seemingly unfixable bugs and needed a way to zone out and relax my brain before it burned out. In these moments of weakness, my best release was to just draw whatever came to mind anywhere I could and focus on the simplicity of the lines and the familiar images. This often meant lots of video game fanart along the margins of my notebooks and scrap pieces of paper.

It's been now been several months since left my position at that company, and in a move similar to when I left my position at Virgin Mobile (see "Pokemon Doodle Collection") I decided to cut-out and piece together all the random doodles, scribbles, and other sketches from my notebooks into one big collage to post here.

This collage contains pieces from most of my 2010 year at Insight and most of them are Pokemon-related, with a few Mario and miscellaneous doodles thrown in. Some of them are cute but none of them are really that amazing as these was more for the purpose of therapy than real artwork.  It is fun to look through them though and remember what I was doing and thinking around that time - what games I had yet to play, what projects I was still working on, what obstacles I had not yet overcome... Kind of like an illustrated journal only I can read. :P

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