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Adrian Marceau - 2012/10/23

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Bistro Cocagne Logo
Title :Bistro Cocagne Logo
Artist :Adrian Marceau
Published :October 23rd, 2012
Mediums :Graphite Pencil
Tags :bistro-cocagnelogo-character
Description :

This is a doodle I made to welcome my co-worker back from her vacation. It's based on the logo character of one of our clients - Bistro Cocagne - because we have a little inside joke regarding the pronunciation of the name. She thought it was pretty cute. :P There's no "official artwork" of the character other than a mugshot, so I had to guess on the hands and decided to go with octopus-like suction-cup hands. I'm not sure why we like him so much.. I'm even considering making him a secret playable character in my fangame. Haha.

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