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New Time-Based Dynamic Banner

PlutoLighthouse.NET Dynamic Banner

I had a bit of time last night so I decided to do a small update to the site’s design. I’ve been wanting to do something with the main banner for a while and decided to try using dynamic, rotating background and foreground images based on the time of day and the current season – mirroring some of the features in Pokémon Black & White games (you know, to go with the site’s theme this year).

I’ve yet to implement the seasonal changes, but I did complete the time-of-day based changes and I really like the result. I have the day separated into 6 parts, and each part (based on the current time) has it’s own appropriately coloured sky background, and visiting the website at different points in the day would yield a different background image.

It’s not much, but I still think it turned out pretty neat! I’m probably going to edit the colours a bit, and I plan to eventually create a few different foregrounds (instead of plain old grass) to rotate seasonally, but it certainly adds a bit more flare to the site. :P

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An Update About The Lack Of Updates

Slugma Doodle

Firstly I’d like to apologize for not updating in a while and slowing down on the updates in general. Truth be told, I’ve been very busy in my personal life sorting out employment details and haven’t really had time to write a full post about anything.

Also, as you may have guessed from the abrupt end to the Pokemon White Diary posts, I have discontinued the series. My backlog of events grew faster than I can keep up with writing them, and eventually I stopped keeping track of my progress. I did complete them game, and I definitely have comments, so I will eventually post a more formal end to the series when I have time.

Thank you to anyone who actually reads these postings, and I’ll try to start posting more regular updates again as soon as I can – I already have an idea for a site update…

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