New Time-Based Dynamic Banner

PlutoLighthouse.NET Dynamic Banner

I had a bit of time last night so I decided to do a small update to the site’s design. I’ve been wanting to do something with the main banner for a while and decided to try using dynamic, rotating background and foreground images based on the time of day and the current season – mirroring some of the features in Pokémon Black & White games (you know, to go with the site’s theme this year).

I’ve yet to implement the seasonal changes, but I did complete the time-of-day based changes and I really like the result. I have the day separated into 6 parts, and each part (based on the current time) has it’s own appropriately coloured sky background, and visiting the website at different points in the day would yield a different background image.

It’s not much, but I still think it turned out pretty neat! I’m probably going to edit the colours a bit, and I plan to eventually create a few different foregrounds (instead of plain old grass) to rotate seasonally, but it certainly adds a bit more flare to the site. :P

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