MegaMan RPG Prototype

For the last several years I've been toying with the idea of creating a browser-based RPG using the mechanics of the Pokémon series and the characters of the classic MegaMan series. After years of simulators, tests, and design mockups, I'd like to show you what I have made so far – a prototype for a potential browser-based MegaMan RPG using turn-based battles, 8-bit sprites, in-depth mechanics. and it's completely written in PHP/HTML/CSS/JS. The prototype currently has 16 (2 x 8) playable characters, a full weakness/resistance/affinity/immunity system, complex stat-management, 17 different abilities, and 3 playing fields. I'm adding new content all the time, and this thing is far from being finished, but I wanted to at least post something for the new year and I've been working on this thing for so long in secrecy – so why not?

UPDATE 2012/01/02 : Revised post to make it shorter and to the point, moved the full-post with detailed mechanics to a separate page for those willing to deal with the text-wall. :P

MegaMan RPG Prototype

MegaMan RPG Prototype


MegaMan RPG Prototype is a working prototype and early demo for a potential browser-based role-playing game using the characters from the MegaMan series and mechanics inspired by the Pokémon series. Choose your team of eight robots and defeat your opponent's in classic turn-based battles from your web-browser. As a prototype, this is an unfinished product, but updates are being made all the time and the project is constantly evolving.

You "win" by defeating all eight of your opponent's robots using your own. Robots are defeated when their Energy gauge reaches zero. In addition to Energy, each robot has an Attack, Defense, and Speed stat. Attack and Defense influence the amount of damage inflicted/received and the Speed stat influences turn-order and the accuracy of abilities. Each robot also has their own set of Weaknesses, Resistances, Affinities, and Immunities to specific types of attacks that affect the amount of damage/recovery received. Hover your mouse over abilities in the menu for more information, and use the “Scan” option in battle to see your opponent's stats and other information.

For more information and a detailed breakdown of the game's mechanics, please see the main MegaMan RPG Prototype development page.

Game Screenshots

GutsMan vs QuickMan | Base Field | MegaMan RPG PrototypeIceMan vs MetalMan | Base Field | MegaMan RPG Prototype

AirMan vs MegaMan | Ice Field | MegaMan RPG PrototypeHeatMan vs CutMan | Ice Field | MegaMan RPG Prototype

MegaMan vs BubbleMan | Guts Field | MegaMan RPG PrototypeProtoMan vs BubbleMan | Guts Field | MegaMan RPG Prototype

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