MegaMan RPG Prototype Update 2012/01/08 :
Prototype Menu, New Abilities, More Tweaks

I've updated the MegaMan RPG Prototype's main menu to be a little more user-friendly (though you still have the same options as before) and added a bit of a title/splash screen to make it look a bit more interesting.

Additionally, I've revised the way stat damage/recovery animation is handled. Previously, the +/- background images during stat modifications were part of the abilities causing them. This meant that certain graphics were repeated over and over in different files and caused a lot of unnecessary file size. As a result, some of the attacks look a bit cooler as they have multiple layers of graphics happening at once.

Lastly, I fixed a bug in the "Mega Buster" move, lowered the accuracy of the “Rolling Cutter” move, and created three new moves – "Proto Buster", "Buster Shot", and "Metal Blade". The two buster moves are exact clones of the Mega Buster but with different colours, and the "Metal Blade" move is MetalMan's ability from MegaMan 2.

And…that's it. I think. :P Have a good night!

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