MegaMan RPG Prototype Update 2012/02/02 :
Air Shooter Animation Tweaks

MegaMan RPG Prototype 2012/02/02

It's nothing huge, but the MegaMan RPG Prototype has been updated and the Air Shooter ability now has a slightly different animation. Using the new attachment functionality, I was able to have all three whirlwinds fire separately rather than having all three pan across the target statically. As I said, it's nothing huge but I really think the ability needed the makeover as Air Shooter was one of the stranger looking animations. :P

I really want to add more abilities to AirMan that make use of his fan and "blowing" characteristics, but that'll have to come later. I know for sure I want to have a similar ability to Super Throw where the target is blown to the bench, but there's definitely room for others. So yeah, check out the new Air Shooter animation!

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