PlutoLighthouse.NET Version 12

After nearly 2 years of complete inactivity I finally got around to updating the website, and it’s a huge one.  Gone are the days of subdomains, mountains of text, and useless pages – this version of PlutoLighthouse.NET (Version 12!) is going back to basics.  One website, one focus (the content), and as little distraction as possible.  All the former sub-sites have been collapsed into one main website, several of the older sections have been collapsed into single pages, and others have been removed entirely.  The overall goal of this update was to clean the place up and get organized, and I think I have accomplished that goal.  :P  I’ve added a few new sections including the Pokémon Tiles D.I.Y. Card Game page and I’ve also split up all the previous artwork into the categories Artwork, Sketches, and Renders with a few of them landing in the Other section of the scrapbook.  I hope you enjoy the new look of the site and thank you for visiting!

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Darumakka x Zelda

Darumakka x Zelda

This image of the Pokémon "Darumakka" was made collaboratively by myself and my good friend Christine Brual prior to the release of Pokémon Black and White in Japan.  Our artwork was based only on a "leaked" and blurry screenshot.  We decided to each draw our interpretation of the leaked character and after several smaller doodles we finally stopped at the one you see here.

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