Mario Kart Wii Annoyances :
Course Trolls

Mario Kart Wii : Rainbow Road

After nearly a year of not having a Wii, we were finally able to play some Mario Kart Wii and were having a blast online, until some douchebags kept repeatedly picking Rainbow Road and winning the “random” vote. We got so fed up, and wanted to quit, but Nintendo doesn’t allow that. The (+) button is completely disabled while racing online, so they actually prevent you from leaving a race, yet there is no system implemented to prevent people from WANTING to rage-quit in the first place – some way to punish or weed out annoying players trolling the course select. We were forced to goof off and race backwards until it kicked us out. (Wouldn’t it have just been easier to let us leave the race, Nintendo?)

Has the Rainbow Road issue affected anyone else? The course is extremely long and painful, and while I can deal with it once… maybe twice… I can't stand when people repeatedly pick it over and over. It’s not like it’s an accident – the game gives you the option to not-vote right up front – so these people are purposefully doing it.

I wish there was some filter/mod to the random vote to insure all other parties have had a chance to vote before letting someone win again. This is just ridiculous… and makes us not want to play the game online at all. :(


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